Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-04-08 19:56:46 (UTC)


Wow so sometimes you get in the mood to write and if it
doesn't come out then it either never comes out or it
definitley never comes out as good as it once could.
so this me writing what I wish i could have written last
night(which i didn't write because Shaunna's internet was
turned off):
I finnally got a car for the large sum of $200...and let me
say I realized what I missed most about not having a was the rides be able to listen to
whatever I wanted, as loud as I wanted, sing as loud as I
wanted....and I even had time to talk to God and think.
Yesterday was so wishy washy.
things that made it suck:
working on the same file 5 or 6 times for most of my 8 hrs
at work
having a promoter yell at me for trying to promote a show
and having to decide if I need to be single or in a
things that were good:
the day went fast
I got a car
free food
my favorite American Idol didn't leave (Jon Stevens)

ok so who watched "The Swan"?
Man, does that show seem so wrong but feel so good to you
too or what?

I have been spending a good amount of everyday doing band
things...such as emails, phone calls, making Cd's, making
packages, making flyers, making posters, writing and fine
tuning songs and much much more. I am excited about our 2
shows next week and I am excited about recording. I can't
wait to have an album out again and blow everyone away. I
want non believers mouths to drop in awe of how
ridiculously wrong they are about us.

I spent over $100 the other day on CD's
I have a weakness for music...and I have been wanting these
discs for a year now so that justifies it right?

well I must work...prayer is always needed for
please help a brother out.
CD: Pedro The Lion / Achellies Heel(amazing) & The Vines /
Winning Days(slowly winning me over)
Movie: School Of Rock (goodtime movie) & Eternal Sunshine
Of The Spotless Mind (weird...not sure yet)
Book: Journey To The Center Of The Earth (well I have only
read 3 I will let you know)