aNd sO i WrItE
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2004-04-08 19:47:55 (UTC)

today was ok... i havent done..

today was ok... i havent done much really just been
chillin i was on tha phone all last night to stay wit Ty
he wasnt feeling good n he was tired too so i forced my
self to stay awake... anyway so that went ok...he was late
for skoo today... what a dork... anyway when he left i
was watching cartoons with mah lil sister it was fun n
then we both fell sleep n then i guess she go tup while i
was still asleep and then i woke baq up at like 1:00 n
when i got up tha fuckin dog was in mah room... N NO
got mad n i kicked tha dog out n i brushed mah teeth n mah
mouf was bleeding and then i dunno i was just sittin in
tha room by mah self thinking ... just aobut alot n then
last night i d/l some beats... so i was writing this song
n then i got frustrated bc it wasnt coming out right... n
i dunno im just tired.. just blah n then i got in the
shower n RIGHT WHEN I GOT OUT... i was putin mah deoderant
on n BOOM BOOM BOOM on the door... go walk tha dogs do
this do that.. leave me alone! *sighs* n then when i came
baq in tha house she yelled at me n i was like y are u
yellin n she was like cuz im pissed off... so i was like
oh so u yell at me when u pissed off at other ppl?... n
she aitn say anything so then i went to mah room n i was
cleanign up a lil bit n then i came out n was watchin
tv... n then i asked some one to use they computer n they
being real mean ,... n i aint do anything i barely have
talked to any one today so im like damn wha did i do?....
anyway i guess thas how its gone go today... n its srping
break n im not doing anything n i dunno just i dunno tha
last couple of days execpt wendsday was good they was
chillin... i dunno but i really have no life.. im so
bored... n i dunno i wanna write but its nmto coming to me
like it used to... n anyway...i was thinking about some
one n i really miss talkin to them..... n now some one
just asked me if i talk to them... wow... thas wow... nah
i dont talk to them they dont like me... i fucked up.. so
wha can i do?.... anyway mah knees are hurting n when i
used tha bath room last nigh tlol they were hurting then
too...anyway i think im going to ask my mom if i can
borrow tha car so i can go to 6 flags ...but im not gone
ride anything... just.. be there... n watch... i dunno
tho.l.. anyway ppl been real mean to me today for no
reason... it dont make any sense... its bothering me
tho..but i think imma just shut up for today n not talk to
anyone bc then it will cause less conflicts... Im proud of
some one they seem to be doin alot better in skoo.. n i
want them to keep trying... bc i knwo they gone do good if
they just try... bc they really smart but dont know.. it
they dont think it either... today he passed 2 tests...
thass bangin tho....he goes on
SP next week n im in skoo n he problly nto coming down
..... :8sighs* figures... man anyway.. im frustrated
today.. n i dunno y im just thinking too much iguess about
oo much... anyway i gtg man i just gtg
take care
God Bless
On3 1uv