Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2004-04-08 10:33:40 (UTC)

One Marriage, One Stalker, One Divorce and a Night Spent of the Tiles (the girls toilets ¬_¬)

Friday 26th
Today Jay was gonna go to Popstarz at the Scala (near Kings
Cross) to have a birthday celebration for his 18th. This
was going to be the second time I've met him ever, but
we've kept in touch. Shawn was also going. But first lets
talk about what happened that day then what happened that
That day I went to Uni for my Company Law Seminar, then had
to go uptown at around 1.30 so that I can meet up David, a
friend of mine for a chat and a drink at a coffee house. I
met him at Costas in Old Compton Street, Soho, greeted him
and got myself a coffee. We chatted about things mainly the
general things, music, relationships, london =p. We were
chatting upto around 2.30 where we parted companies. I
decided to walk around town for a bit. Around 3ish Shawn
texted me saying he was on his way and I was weee hes
coming. He said he was gonna be at Ku Bar around 5ish. I
thought I'm gonna go home and get things ready before I was
to go. I walked backed into Old Compton Street when Shawn
had texted me and this guy walked passed and said do you
want to suck my cock. I was still looking at my phone and I
had just wondered "was that guy talking to me?" I turned
around and he was looking at me and I thought "he was
talking to me!" I walked away and went into some dodgy sex
shop. Walked out again and headed to g-a-y bar to see if
there was anyone I recognised (yeah, wishful thinking at
3ish). Walked out and backtracked where that "freak" was
and i was staring at stuff and he whispered behind
me "follow me". See if he just said I think you're nice
looking wanna go for a drink I would have said ok then, but
the fact he kept walking passed me and whispering and not
talking directly to me. He might have thought that was
mysterious, but to me he was just being stupid. About that
moment I thought it was time I went home. As soon as I got
home I took a bath and got ready to go back uptown to meet
up with Shawn. He was waiting at Ku Bar and he was there
with his blondey hair, rawr. We sat down and spoke about
stuff. Not much else really. Tom came shortly after sat
down and said hi. We spoke around what we got upto since we
last met, we joked and jeered at eachother. Around 8ish,
Toms brother Neil and his friend Matthew both sat with us.
Again we continued the conversation and Matthew showed us a
card magic trick. He told us that he worked in Harrods (or
was it Hamleys) and worked in the toy section (then it must
be Harrods because Hamley is just a toy section =p). The
left shortly to go meet up with some other people and me
and Shawn eventually went to G-A-Y Bar. Nothing unusual
just stayed for the music vids and danced a bit. We made
our way to Popstarz at around 9 and waited for Jay. Jay
came around 9.20 ish and I gave him a great big hug. He was
there with Rob, a big guy I knew off Faceparty but he was
nice. Soon after Jay's Ex Lee came with his posse of
friends and we said hi. They headed to Popstarz first and
then a trio of fantasic hyper ladies came and greeted Jay
for the first time. Sikena aka Diva, Emma aka Sket and
Pinky all came bursting in loud and proud (more on them
later). I told them I'm marrying Jay and they awwed :D
We headed towards Popstarz and those girls were just
rattling my chains. Pinky kept shouting "Giddyup Horsey"
and I was like calm down I've only known you for 5 minutes.
Shawn kept close proximity to me and the girls and me ran
ahead. We lined up and start playing hand games, took
pictures and just chatted till we got in. Shawn was quiet
lining up but thats just how he is around new people. Also
with Jay was Samuel, a guy that he met in Norwich. He was
really tall and looked really old but he was 22. As soon as
we got in we were about to put our jackets in the cloakroom
until one of Lee's friends told us theres a place we can
put them for free. We headed to the pop room abtly named
the "Rubbish room" and sat down in comfy seats chatting.
From then on there were clearly 2 separate groups, Lee and
Jays group, and me and the girls with Shawn and Samuel. Me
and the girls flocked to the RnB Room (the Love Lounge as
its known there) because that really was our music of
choice. They played good songs and stuff I haven't heard in
a club before as it was stuff like Destiny Child - Bug-A-
Boo which sounded great. My only tiff was the fact the room
was so small for music that was good. We constantly moved
from the RnB room to the Rock/Alternative (aka the Common
Room) and didn't even go to pop room. That room was too
crowded and too cramped to do any dancing. We got seperated
from everyone and we spent around half an hour looking for
everyone. Turns out they turned the girls toilet behind the
Common as their base for resting and chatting without the
noise. Shawn and Sam spent most of the time dancing in the
Common room but made occasional appearances at the Lovers
Lounge. I chatted to a few people and nothing much. I
remembered we chatted about stupid things and it looked
like everyone enjoyed themselves. Diva was sitting in the
toilets because her feet were aching, I chatted to her and
Emma alot. Pinky just ran off most of the night doing what
not and Jay and Lee frequent there. I remember talking to
Shawn about John (Kyle's Ex, his current boyfriend) and
telling me how stuck up he was. I was talking to John in
the girls toilets and he was like "Do you know Kyle?" I
kept responding to him that I don't Kyle. He must have
asked me this three times that night. I just ended up
ignoring him. Went back the Love Lounge and danced. Shawn,
Pink, Sket, Diva, Sam and myself were all in there. I
kissed Sam a few times and danced with my girls :D.
Eventually we just spent the majority of the night in the
girls' toilet. One funny moment when I was just talking to
Diva in toilet then Sket and Pinky came in. Lee came in
handing our flyers for a friend for next Friday. Sket then
pulled down her skirt and said that she hasn't shaved her
pubes. She didn't show her pussy, just the top part of
where she hadn't shaved. Lee ran out almost sick :D
I had a one on one conversation with Sam, saying how he
knew Jay etc. He told me that he really liked Shawn (eh go
figure) and tried a number of times to kiss Shawn but he
just turned away. I kissed him a few times (Sam that is)
and but alas he was just a person unlucky in love. After I
spoken to Sam, I had another talk with Shawn. It must have
been 3-4 but we were talking about Jay and how he is,
because tonight was the first time he had met Jay. He said
that if he wasn't going out with Kyle it was quite possible
that he would have done things to Jay that night. The night
has just turned into a emotional night for most people. We
left the club when it was just closing. Everyone at that
time assembled on a floor overlooking the common room. We
all said our goodbyes and everyone disbanded. I got on the
night bus with Shawn till Oxford Circus. As I was walking
pass Leicester Square, there were a group of cleaners just
picking up the rubbish and what not. One of the cleaners
went behind me and said "heya baby". I just thought oh my
god and just walked away. It can't have been the same guy
earlier on Friday, can it? I caught the last train home and
got home around 6. Couldn't go to work although I wasn't
too tired. It was a good night, met some lovely people but
never again on a Friday, ever.