Cosmic Rain
2004-04-08 06:15:12 (UTC)

hey roll over dj

Sometimes I wonder why I still have this place, because it
doesn't feel the same as it used to be. But I don't think
I'd ever have the heart to get rid of it This quiet lil non
intrusive place. But I keep getting lil reminders to update
it, which I could easily turn the reminders off, but I must
want them there, because I do want to keep this place some
what updated. Somewhat relective of how things are and what
has been happening. Actually this diary has hardly been
reflective of how things are, because I haven't put crap
all in here. So I better get my facts straight, before I

I'm slowly pigging what is left of the show bags. They have
been my lil snack saviours. When I think there is nothing
possibly I could snack on I remember the left overs. Left
overs are a god send. You can never underestimate their

The hill had a lil spot fire earlier on. I'm guessing they
are back burning. Well hoping they are. But tis all hazy
down here now. Omg, I haven't heard this song in
ages. "it's raining men" It reminds me of a long time ago
and the joke song "It's raining hens" shit.

I have a pimple. Bugger pots.

I need to play more guitar. Since the book launch I haven't
picked it back up. I'm in my phase. I think it's a fairly
uncreative phase. Kinda strange really. I've been creative
in things of work, but not in things of personal value. My
diary's and journals have suffered. But I have nothing for
them. No scraps to feed at all. Maybe I should force myself
to write, because I need it. Better than keeping it all
inside, so that I explode in a thesaurus of colourful

I'm going to log myself onto msn. I haven't been on it for
freakin ages and I prolly will now find I have forgotten
half the people in my list. Actually that happens often
when I don't bother to open it. So for the first time in
god knows how long I shall open msn. Hahahha and nobody is
on cept Liz and someone else I forget who they are.. Bugger
poops. Well that wasn't as exciting as I thought it would
be. Ahh ze well. Always another month or more to go by and
I can do it alllllllllll again. Woo Hoo!!!

*exits stage left*