purple star

Never once spoken
2004-04-08 05:01:19 (UTC)


i want to throw up violently to erase my feelings. im
lost. im depressed. im manic. i yearn. i miss people
and things and ways and thoughts and feelings and control
and him and the way things were and the way things were
supposed to be and the way things arent. i miss you. and
your thoughts. and what you said. and how they made me
feel. and you is so many people. and maybe its you who is
reading this. and maybe its not. maybe its someone or
something that never knew and will never know to the extent
that i felt and still feel. maybe just maybe you did and
you do. and maybe you feel it too. and maybe im just
crazy and i am writing this about everyone. and maybe im
just crazy and writing it about one person. a person who
knows who they are. even if they dont believe it or see
it. or feel it or yearn it or want it. still. i feel.
and always have. in regards to this. i love you.

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