heaven key

2004-04-08 02:33:00 (UTC)

spring time

well i dont have much to say so i will babble on. i went to
the alicia keys concert the otherday with matt. we had a
blast! i bought a new sweatshirt there with her pic on it.
beyonce was there as well as missy ellitoo. on friday i
went out with mandy and stephanie. we went to povs, serems,
and club 100, then stoped by this hidious bar called
blainebrook. it made me want to die. it was just older
people. i wonder when i see that , if thats where i will be
in 10 years. ish! then on sat i went to moose country with
tawnnia and jenny. jenny and i didnt say a word to each
ohter becasue she knows that i am mad at her at the
present. she just seems like such an unloyal , and
dishonest friend. i never know when i can trust her, or
when she is telling the truth. so anyhow she left early and
me and tawnnia stayed there. then kati, came up to me and i
was just trashed, and i hadnt seen her in 7 months! she was
with gina, a lia nepal and brenna. it was strange to see
that they all hang out still. i mean i have tons of
friends , however they arent from highschool. i just think
its sad that they havent been able to move on, but its also
good that they have managed to keep the bond strong. i hang
out with laura, and i still see jessica, but gina and kati
i havent talked to since my birthday party 7 months ago. at
least they came to that. anyways i have nothing more to
write for now so i will try to write again soon