How would you ever guess.
2004-04-08 02:24:06 (UTC)

No way to the airport

Im feeling better now. Im not sure what the hell is wrong
with me. My sister keeps saying she thinks im
pregnant...yet i have my period. I kinda see a problem
there. But I have been able to eat again, and I am feeling
a bit better so its good.

I painted eggs tonight with the children. Mine had flowers
and swirly things and more flowers. yeah it was pretty. Im
such an artist.

So Chris cousin Nick asked me today when Him and I were
going to Boston. I told him I was going to Boston next
week, and then he proceeded to tell me that he was going
to ride back with Except Im flying. So i told him
the same thing as before, when you come to Boston, you let
me know.

One more week till its time to come home. My sister told
me today though, that Ethan has a huge doctors apt that
day. Its suppose to be like 2 to 4 hours and its right at
the time I need to be at the airport. So someone else is
now taking me to the airport. FUN!!! Oh well. Ill just be
happy when i get home.

So when i get home Kim is going to take my pictures for yay! I think ill frame them and hang them on the yeah that will be fun!

Heath just called to say Hi! That was the first time I
have heard his voice in a long time. Hes so cute. He was
going to help one of his friends that broke down. Its
10:30 there and hes out helping someone. What a good guy

Alright kiddo's Im out.