Best Left Unspoken
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2004-04-08 02:22:47 (UTC)

Scary Story Part 11

Steven had wondered upstairs and was hoping that someone
else did too so that he wouldn't be alone. This house was
terrible. He had died in the story so he was definately
going to die in real life. Mitchell was dead. He just
couln't get that through his head completely. This was so
Steven had heard a little scream from downstairs a little
bit ago. He knew it was Beth. Beth dying was his fault, it
was his part of the story. That's the guilt trip he was
having. He also knew Sara was next. She would definately
scream. Sara's scream would be louder than Beth's.
Steven walked into the third room on the right. It looked
like someone's old storage room. There was a lot of old
junk. He even found an old beer bottle. THen a scene from
a movie ran through Steven's mind. It was about a bar
giht. He picked up the bottle and hit it on the little it
was at. The bottle broke and a lot of dust was in the air
from the blow to the table. The bottle was now sharp and
jagged. A perfect weapon.
Steven had his weapon at the ready. He was going to fight
off the killer. It was his only self defense. He was
searching throught the room a little more when he heard
something in that room with him.
"Okay, I know you're in here and I'm ready for you,"
Steven said into the room that seemed empty of life.
"Don't worry Stevie it's just me," Seth came out from his
hiding place.
"You scared me a little," Steven said still looking around
the room.
"When you broke that bottle I thought I was a goner," Seth
looked at the broken bottle in Steven's hand. Steven still
had it raised up the air. At the ready.
"Did you hear that scream a little bit earlier?" Steven
asked Seth.
"Yeah," Seth looked down at the floor as if he could see
through it. "Do you think we should look for Sara and try
to keep her safe?"
"That would be a good idea," Steven motioned towards the
They both walked down the moaning steps in search of Sara.
Just as they made it to the bottom of the steps Sara
walked out of the bedroom. She saw their shadowed bodies
by the steps. She raised the knife ina threatening way.
She was ready for him.
"Stay away from me," Sara tried to sound threatening but
it came out in a scared tone.
"Sara it's just me and Stevie," Seth said to her. Sara ran
up to him and hugged him. She looked and felt so relieved
to see them.
"My heros! I never thought I would be this happy to see
anyone," Sara said still holding the kife. "I have good
news," Sara said as she let go of Seth and turned to hug
Steven. "Ethan just left to go get help. We're saved!"
Just as she said that Jennifer, Brittaney, and Tiffany
walked up from the basement. Sara and Steven let go of
each other and raised their weapons until they saw who was
coming towards them.
"We're gonna be saved as long we stick together," Sara
said as the other three joined their little group standing
in the middle of the hall.
"You've really cahnged your prersective since the last
time we've seen you," Jennifer said as Sara hugged the
other three. Even though Sara seemed to be happy giving
all the hugs she still had the lingering feeling that she
wasn't going to make it.
"Yeah you have," Brittaney agreed.
The group was just standing there hoping Ethan was really
close to rescueing them as everything went wrong. They
were all too busy daydreaming of their big escape thanks
to Ethan to notice the killer crawl out from under the
bed. They slid on their stomach through Jonathan's blood
trailing even further into the room than before. The
killer got up on two feet when they were right behind
Sara. The target Sara. She heard them and turned around
just as they were raising their knife.
"You!" Sara said to the killer right beofre Sara was
stabbed in the stomach. Sara feel to the floor with blood
everywhere. It was almost exactly like the story. They
were just in the wrong room and Ethan wasn't there.
Everyone looked at the killer.
"Nobody move or you will al die," the killer said and
stepped over Sara's body as if it weren't even there in
the first place. "Now everyone go into the living room and
have a seat. I will be right behind yout. We are going to
finish the story. That way there are no questions on the
Everyone obeyed the killer and went to the living room. No
one said anything.
After a minute of complete silence Tiffany looked at the
killer right in the eye and asked them, "How could you do
this, Megan?"
Megan goes to their school and has short, wavy, dark brown
hair, and bangs, is average height, and has tried to be
part of their little group of friend for quite a while.
She just smiled and laughed. "Why would I go on a killing
rampage just for you guys? Just to kill you guys?" Megan
asked them. "I'll tell you why. It's because I've tried so
hard for so long to be part of your little gang that I
finally broke down and had to do something so that you
might just know how I feel. I've been trying to get your
attention for so long it drove me so crazy. It got me to
the point that I needed you guys so badly that I
absolutely had to kill you," Megan laughed again. "Do you
understand me?"
"That's insane," Brittaney yelled, "You're insane!" She
was so mad.
"If I was insane I would have killed myself instead of you
guys. If I was insane I wouldn't be able to hold the knife
to you long enough to kill you," Megan laughed again. "And
now Jennifer needs to tell her part of the story. Just so
that we know what happens."
Jennifer looked at her as if she were joking. How could
she possibly tell the story now?
"I know Brittaney hasn't gotten a turn to tell any of the
story either so save some for her," Megan said and laughed
again. "Tiffany the twig is in your pocket, be a dear and
give it to Jennifer."
Tiffany handed the twig to Jennifer and Jennfer stood up.
She was trembling.

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