Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2004-04-07 21:22:52 (UTC)

dreaming of a spiders kiss

so, i was dreaming again. my dream before i woke up was
about me kissing some girl, trying to get her into bed with
me, but it was one of those "murphy's laws" kind of trying.
first we'd been making out in spandex or leather costumes of
some sort, against some house somewhere, when the people who
owned the house came back, it was dark, they couldn't see
us, so we hid under thier pine tree. The small dog they
owned did find us, and we played fetch with it, lol, while
under the tree making out. At some point we got out from
under the tree and wandered down this long street into the
dusk of night. We were talking about something, i don't
remember, and we got to my old jr high school, we broke in,
and chased each other all around. and then, we stopped, the
whole scene changed, suddenly, i was looking at myself and
the girl. and then i was interacting with them both. mostly
just there, not a part of me and her. it was really,
surreal. i woke up after i'd tried to stop the other me from
kissing the girl. the other me was taunting disconected self.

if ever there was a time to figure out what the fuck a dream
meant this is fucking it. maybe it has to do with whats
going one now. but i don't know.

before i went to sleep i was thinking about a girl. perhaps
i was dreaming about her and I. but the girl in my dream
wasn't the one i was thinking about. at least, i didn't get
that sense anyways. then again, my mind plays tricks on me
all the time.

who knows