Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-04-07 21:12:35 (UTC)


well...g-pa is now in the ground. it was a sweet service.
they made me cry...but it wasnt that hard to do...i was
crying on the way to the service once we were at the
cemetary. i was the 1st one to cry....ehhh.....hes gonna
have his name and bday and death day on his marker along
with a star of david and what war was going on when he was
in the service (vietnam). he had a 15 gun salute too. the
cemetary will always be open and we can go visit him
anytime we want. or well i should say can. its about a 2
hr drive depending on the traffic. i slept with my head in
jasons lap the whole ride home. i was tired. for the past
3 (sun, mon and tues.) nights ive been stayin up late to
hang with fam (sunday pam and john). Tomorrow is Ms.
Lyndas moms service. Aunt Linda and me are going. even
though im very sad in my own life...i need to support
Larisa and Ms. Lynda in their time of need. iono.. well im
gonna go....



p.s- cody sent me an origional copy of a poem he wrote for
me. my friends all went AWWWW! its sweet.