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2004-04-07 21:06:58 (UTC)

Magic Lamp

There's a lamp. Sitting. Untouched. Shining brightly. Do
you rub it?

If you chose to rub it, scroll down to where it says:

If you chose to leave it alone, scroll to where it says:

RUB: You walk up to it and rub it. It gives you one
wish. What do you wish for: Riches, Love, or Beauty? If
you chose Riches, scroll to RICHES. If you chose Love,
scroll to LOVE. If you chose Beauty, scroll to BEAUTY.
Scroll to the very end for a special note.

RICHES: Tons of money appears in your home. You share this
news with your grade and friends. Everybody is your
friend. You meet the perfect guy/girl. They ask you out.
Instantly you say yes. You're dating him/her when you
realize, they don't even like you. In fact, they HATE you!
They're only dating you for your money and you realize
that you also have no true friends. The money ruins your
life. There is not one spot in your room that hasn't been
soaked by tears.

LOVE: You wish for love. You get it. Love. Love that is so
amazing, you almost can't believe it. But then you
remember, you WISHED for love. This person doesn't love
you on their own! They are being forced to want you, to
hold you, to hug you. You become a paranoid freak and end
up all alone.

BEAUTY: You wish for beauty. You're AMAZING! All the
guys/girls like you. But they don't like you. They like
your looks. Your friend are overcome with jealousy. You
have no friends, and no true love.

IGNORE: You walk away knowing it will only cause you
trouble. You go home and crawl in bed. You dream. You
dream, but not really. Your dream is just an image. That
lamp. You suffer for the rest of your useless life
wondering what would have happened, if you hadn't walked
away like the coward you are. Every night, you dream the
lamp. The lamp makes you miserable, just like you should

SPECIAL NOTE: No matter what you chose, your ending sucks

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