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2004-04-07 20:25:11 (UTC)

Life Sucks

Will anything ever go right? Why does everything always go
wrong? Death is always near. He's watching me, even now.
Laughing at the words that I type to you. He has no mercy
at all. Shit. I'm all alone. I could be talking with a
friend, yet they wouldn't be there. Not in my mind. What
else should be said, of my misery? Whore. Slut. Ho. Bitch.
What else is new? Those were only a few of the names
people claim that I am. But how would they know? They
don't know me at all. Even my really close friends let me
down in the end, but hey that's life. Miserable, horrible
life. If there was a survey where you check how you feel,
I'd check "none." I'm empty. Forever without a soul.

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