Remember to Breathe
2004-04-07 19:11:45 (UTC)

Complaint #35

Well, things are on an upswing, so I thought I would jot
them down before I forgot what it feels like to feel
good. I have been going to class quite a bit and getting
mildly caught up in my courses. I work a lot, but it is
nice to have money around when the time comes to use it.
I don't get to Fargo nearly enough, but Wil is doing a lot
to improve his situation. He is most likely getting hired
at Cheapo's. He is moving out of his parents' house in
July, and he will have enough money to support himself
soon. This is all very good news. In other news, I have
been getting back to my roots in a sense. I have made it
a point to get in touch with people I haven't seen in a
long time, and try to build up any crumbling friendships
with these people. I miss Ryan and Jared. I will
definitely being seeing more of them in the future. We
have planned a "roof party" at my apartment for next
weekend. That should be a good time. Things are getting

"Is there still a lock on your back door?"
-My Morning Jacket-
"Phone Went West"