Self harming dyke
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2004-04-07 18:06:38 (UTC)

Soppy cow

I have bought Dom an Easter card. It's really cute and I'm
just trying to work out what to put in it without going
over the top!

I cut a bit last night on my wrist, but not badly, just
lots of superficial ones.

Why did I do it?

Because I am so embarrassed by my behaviour.

*BLuSh* I'm so stupid and stalky like the ultimate bunny-

I found all the people in the phonebook with Dom's surname
and initial then I rang some of them, hiding my number.

Got one bloke (Dom lives alone) and one black sounding
woman and one (default message) answering machine...


...I got a young, nice-sounding woman. I am convinced it
was Dom...

Might not have been. I reckon it was though, so I now know
her address and phone number. Was gonna drive round there
and see if I recognised any of the cars from outside the GP
surgery. Then I realised how fucked up I was being and cut
my wrist and then went to sleep.

What a weirdo.

Cat x