How would you ever guess.
2004-04-07 17:06:42 (UTC)

not 100%

I seriously dont know what is wrong with me. Last week I
wasnt feeling well and I think it was Friday...I puked all
day. Well I felt better the next day, and could eat again,
but I havent fully gotten back to 100%. It seems like
everything that is gross to me makes me sick to my
stomach, and today i was just put over the edge.

Its fucked though. This has never happened to me in my
life. I mean when Im sick Im sick...and I know it. But I
dont feel sick, i just dont feel great. Its fucked. I
really just want to go home though. I hate being sick
anywhere but at my own house. Plus Im not going to go to
the doctors while Im here... so it could just get worse.

going back to lay down now.

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