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2004-04-07 06:43:01 (UTC)

I hate this town on vacation!!

Yeah so I mean at times, big bear can be a cool town, but
one of the many times its not fun, is on vacation. I mean
movies get old, driving around gets old, going to eat every
day makes you fat! I mean god I wish there was stuff to
do! but anywho... on a more positive note (well not really,
just on another note, or something other to taslk about
other then gay stuff, how about some more gay stuff!!) Well
today was gay! I mean we woke up at 1230 and ronnie is
friggen awesome! He made us Breakfast!!! What a stud!! I
mean I totally didnt expect thT! then we just hung out then
went to lunch with hunter and jacqui and drove around and
stuff... then played this way addicting game on jacquis
computer... hmm... then ate dinner then went to starbucks
in THE FAMILY VAN!!! lol... it totally felt like cheaper by
the dozen... for sure! So um... then i went home soon after
that and watch ONE TREE HILL (god chad michael murray is
sooo hot) and i watched real world... it was kinda sad cuz
frankie was a cutter! Now i am talking to cory on the net
and writing in this lame ass thing. I dont even know why i
keep these things. I mean they are so gay to begin with so
i guess only way Cool.... um... LOSERS keep these things. I
took like 5 of these pai killer pill things and I am soo
like woozey right now... if thats the word im looking
for... lol! Well... i have been having a really tough time
lately with some stuff going on in my life. I just hope my
life gets better soon cuz I really cant handle this any
longer. People think i live such an "easy" life but really,
if its so easy then w hy have a cried myself to sleep for
the past 2 weeks... yeah everynight for the past 2 weeks...
pretty pathetic huh! Oh well... im not gonna sit here and
dwell on how miserable i am... im gonna try to make it the
best i can... but you know... even tho i am sad, im not
gonna let that effect the amount of fun i wanna have!
Becuase i wanna make the best out of the resst of this
vacation, i wanna have fun! Well i am gonna go to sleep! So
nighty night and goodbye!! MUAHZ and xoxo!

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