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2004-04-07 03:11:04 (UTC)

term papers

Today was a very, very crazy confusing day.
Had a rotation today that was a nightmare. I total
nightmare. We started out this morning slow, going to the
op. room to help in a few proceedures and I kept feeling
sick to my stomach. Crazy eh?! I never get that way... I
had to keep making excuses to go get stuff so I could kinda
walk around and walk it off. So I got over that, and I
thought the rest of the day would go pretty slow and I
would be ok.. heh.. so I thought.
Right after I ate half of my lunch what do I hear on the
over head? Oh, maybe a "Code Blue ER". Damn, I had a
feeling I was going to be screwed right then and there.
So, im already feeling kinda whoozy for some reason and I
have to run to ER. It was a pregnant woman who was in a
head on. She was already down for a while.. they knew she
wasnt going to make it. Ughhh it was hard to see. And the
baby... it didnt even have a fucking chance. If the woman
would have worn her seat belt.. everything might have been
ok. Its just so hard to see and touch and feel death right
as its happening in front of you, not matter what your
doing to stop it.
Hard day.
Well, our term paper is due tomorrow at the crack of butt
dawn. I guess its too late tonight to get anyone to read
it for me but I reeeeally need someone to look at it.
These nights are the nights a boyfriend would come in
handy. Checking term papers and releaving some stress with
sex. I have been craving sex so bad lately, I guess its
all the stress, I dunno. I guess I gotta go on a jog and
get it out of my system.
Well, i better go run before it gets too late.
PS- if anyone wants to check my term paper please email me!

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