How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-07 02:39:21 (UTC)

Nude photos

BORED!!! yeah thats right im freakin bored out of my mind.
I was watching One tree hill... but I was ever so rudely
interupted by Chris who came in and decided that it was
time to watch a movie...when it really wasnt anyways
because Erika had to go back upstairs with Ethan to tuck
him in.
So Im thinking about taking nude photos of myself. Well I
obviously wouldntbe able to take them myself... but maybe
my sister could take them for me. Black and white....ooh
that would be sexy. I dont know exactly what i would do
with them, but why not do it. Im sure you have all thought
about it once before so shut up!! If my sister cant take
them then I will have Kim take them...shes seen me half
naked before so why not...well thats if shes down with it.

So lets see, what to talk about??
I cant wait to drive my car when I get home. It will be so
much fun!! I also cant wait to take a shower. This whole
bathing thing is a big deal for me. I cant deal with
certin things... like licking the spoon right before you
put it back into what your dishing out for yourself...the
same spoon and food that everyone else has to eat...mmm
thats what i love. And also putting your hands in it. Yup
love that too. Or chewing with your mouth open...
Do you see this is all stuff that my nephews do..and it
drives me nuts.

Do i complain a lot?? please tell me if I do. Im sure you
would all feel the same way if you were here.

My sister and i went to a coffee shop this morning right
down the street from her house. It was so freakin cute!!
They had all kinds of cool shit in there. My sister had a
donut and I had a muffin. It was tasty. The lady there was
very nice too. But she talked a lot. Kinda like Im doing
now. Just rambling on and on about random shit.

All I have to talk about is the children, Heath, well and
thats about it. Im boring.


im off like a prom dress.. NICE!

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