How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-06 23:01:31 (UTC)

Germ infested

I read thru all my entrys earlier...woo interesting life I
lead. And I talk about heath a lot and how hes so I promise that I will try not to do that anymore.

I took the children on a bike ride today. Ethan was
screaming because Evan would not take i took them

Ethan rode his big wheel and Evan rode Erika's
bike...while I ran along side. It was fun...a little work
out, while supervising the children at the same time. I
was also being watched by some of the male neighbors as I
was running around the block in my jeans and white tank
top...I do have to say I was kinda sexy. Ya know my built
in bra..and boobs bouncing was wonderful.

Ethan felt the need to just dart out in the middle of
theroad a few times... damn kid. Scared me half to death.
They are the #1 reason Im not having children.

So... My throat hurts today...not sure why...probably
because of the germ infested children Im around. Eh!! its
so gross how nasty they are. Ewwwwwwww!!! The chewing with
mouths open... hands just gross. Really it is.

Time to eat some dinner so Im out.

Later kiddo's