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2004-04-06 22:13:23 (UTC)

Anti Toronto Maple Leaf Propaganda

In the spirit of the lastest instalment of the upcoming
Battle of Ontario between the mighty Ottawa Senators and
the old and meatheaded Toronto Maple Leafs, or as they are
more affectionally known around these parts as, the Toronto
Make Ya Laughs, now is as good a time as any to get the
propaganda machine up and running.

Game #1 is set to go this Thursday in the egocentric city
of Toronto itself, the heart of the beast, the core of the
ridiculously passionate boardering on retarded crop of Leaf
fans, an Americanized town still bitter over not being
named Canada's capital.

Prone to deflecting and excuse-making when they lose, and
unligitimate arrogance the rest of the time, Leaf's fans
are like that jock, high school, football captain, too
drunk on the sense of their own greatness that everything
else is hazey and and difficult to comprehend. It is widely
known that Leafs fans have a below average IQ which they
pertually display at hockey games, bars, shopping malls,
airports, and some uncofirmed reports of uneducated Leaf
fan behaviour has been reported in American Idol studio

But Leafs fans cannot be wholely blamed for their attitude
and mindset. They are only in fact mirroring that of their
crappy team. Indeed, the Leafs are a goon squad. "Cheap
Shots" is the teams unoffcial motto. Past offences
committed by these assholes include, Blinsided elbows and
punches to a the face of a player with a broken jaw, knee
attacks, roundhouse high sticks, jumping into opposing
team's benches to start a brawl, running goalies, knocking
over referess, and the list goes on.

In closing, the Senators are a better and nobler team than
the Toronto Maples and while the Leafs have had luck on
their side in past Battle's of Ontario, 2004 is Ottawa's
year! GO SENS GO!

*these facts are generalized and may not actually apply to
every single Leaf fan.