mY sToRy
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2004-04-06 21:50:36 (UTC)

ApRiL 6tH...

wOw ThErE hAsNt rEaLlE BeN n e ThiNg To TaLk AbOuT lAtElY!
CePt HaV a FuNNy StOrY! WeLl ToDaY iN cOmM aPp wE wErE
dOiNg ToAsTs AnD rOaStS.. wElL a RoAsT iS sOmEtHiNg tHat
Is An EmBarRaSiNg StOrY iNsTeAD oF lIkE a ToAsT! wElL i
DeCiDeD tO tAlK aBoUt HuNtEr sInCe I haV KnOwN tHat GuY
fOr AlONg TiMe! hE hAd LiVeD oN mY sTrEeT aNd We WeRe GoOd
FrIeNdS fOr LiKe 10 YeArS!!! oK ThIs Is WHat I sAiD...

We are all gathered here today to talk about my good
friend Hunter. He lived on my street for 9 years! I would
like to tell you some funny stories about Hunter. One time
Hunter, his brother Preston, and I were playin football
out on our street. Preston came up and took the ball out
of Hunters hand, Hunter started crying and sobbing right
in the middle of the street. He was such a crybaby. Hunter
was also a nerd.. He wore high waters, a collared shirt,
and power ranger shoes! Now Hunter doesnt live on my
street anymore but the funny memories are stil there! lol!

iT wAs sSoO muCh FuN aNd So fUnnY!! ThAT iS pRoBaBlY tHe
BeSt ThInG tHat HaPpEnEd ToDaY, nOtHInG rEaLlE wAs GoOd Or
BaD!! mR tAnNeR iN 5tH pErIoD, yEs I gOt Mr TaNnEr, Ya
WeLl IT wAs FuNny He Was ChEcKIn RoLe AnD hE gOeS dEvOn
AnD i gO iTs AlYssA aNd He GoEs, U DONT LIKE DEVON, WaTcH
wHeN u GeT iNtO CoLleGe U wIlL cHaNgE bAk, It WaS gOoD!!
ThE tEx HiSt TeSt WaS eZ i ThINk I mIseD 1 oR 2 tHo!! LOl
Ok wEllL I rEaLlE hAv nOtHiNg To SaY, LatUr!

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