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2004-04-06 21:09:30 (UTC)

Fukin Throat

Well totday I am ill. Sore head and my throat is all
weird. I couldn't even speak proper, and the dangly bit
at the back of my throat is all swollen. I had work at 5
and txt like 5 ppl to ask them to work for me, fair enuf,
3 were already workign neway. Aileen, said she was at
Emma's, so she wasn't nearby (altho, I'm sure she could
have gone home a bit earlier) and Kayleigh just text bck
sayin "I cant". Seems a bit weird, u know how ppl always
apologise if they cant, or come out with sum long excuse
why they cant. But Kayleigh just "I can't", so I think
maybe there is something up. But oh well, tonite I really
will have an early nite. Hopefully, If I cant drag my
pathetic self away from the internet. I feel so shitty.
I think I'm falling for Mark a bit, again. Maybe I jst
want to pull him, but he has a gf an I don't even think he
would be interested. Anyway, he was saying how tasia (his
gf) had invited him to a free house, her free house. But
he doesn't want to go, incase they are aught, cos her dad
would tell his parents. I pointed out after a few drinks
they would end up shagging. He agreed, even though Tasia
had said no shagging. He was saying to me how he got a
mention in some girl called Lena's diary, and he was like
yay, she knows I exist. Man, if he found my diary, he
would think I'm obsessed lol. Which I'm not, it's jst he
is a gd friend, and my most interesting stories of the day
usually include him. I actually hardly ever see him,
rarely once a week, cause we don't go to church once a
week. I'm a bit ashamed to say it, but I'm listening to
Will Young's new-ish album, its not actually that bad. Oh
i need ur help (whoever is reading this), u know how I
text colin wen I was drunk saying I would get my revenge.
Well I need to think of idea's for revenge, summit
subtle. Not summt his physcho mum wud call the police on,
and not summit that makes me seem pathetic. My feckin
throat is hurtin me like hell.think ill go to bed in
25mins. Put my name down to work the next 2days, 5-9
shifts. Then next ween I'm only doin a wednesday and a
thursday, but it is a 1-9 shift on both how many
hours woudl tha tbe for the month so far after all that?
im on 12 now, but 8 for next to days, plus 15 for week
after (i have to take off half hr tea break). so
thats...35. At 4.50 per hours, 7.5 quid. Pretty good.
maybe squeeze ina couple more shifts. Should start
revising soon, also. Anyway, I have nothign more to reall
report on. I know I haven't talked abotu yesterday, but I
had written it all, and it feckin well duffed up. Was
well peeved! Anyway, must dash, well I don't have to, but
I want to. Bye x!

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