How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-06 19:49:12 (UTC)

mixed emotions

so today was the day.... NO babies for me... YAY!! you
dont even know how stressed I have been about this whole
damn period thing. what the fuck would I do if I had a kid
at the age of 19. And with the scum of the earth... what
was I thinking??

On another note.... Tornado's AHH!! Well they are in texas
right now... but texas is close... yeah.. Im a bit scared.

then on the news they are also talking about all this
airplane crap... no airplanes need to be okay till Amanda
gets home. lol.

Anywho, overdrew my bank account...nice i love not working
its awesome. I cant go back till the begining of May
either... AH that sucks ass. Oh well... Heath told me I
could borrow money if I needed it, but I wouldnt be able
to that.

I miss home. 8 more days kids then Im the cold

Im out to go catch some sun before the kiddos come
home....gotta watch for Ethans bus... yay.

Later Tater!!

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