Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2004-04-06 18:02:16 (UTC)

You know that you

can just tell when something's going to end badly? I have
that feeling right now about this whole year to come. The
highlight of my holiday so far is getting felt up in a shoe
shop.Firstly it started out wth my grandad being diagnosed
with leukemia, then he died then my mum had to go to the
hospital for blood tests and although they were clear, the
problem could develop later on :S
MSN is a bitch. It's not letting me sign on, it never
does..Grr..and I have a v.bad cold. I'm sure I caught it
from the swimming baths. Yuk. I woke up this morning and
had lost my voice.
Oh well, at least I have my trip to Turkey to look forward
too, although I'm sure I'll get food poisoning while
there..and there's this trip to Cornwall which has been
talked about a lot but I'm sure will never actually happen,
as what is usually happens when one of my friends suggest
something-I get excited about it and it never happens
unless I actually step forward to organise things, which
I'm never allowed to do because, as I'm always told,
someone's onto it as we speak.
And my exams...I don't know why I'm looking forward to
them. I'm not but I guess the sooner I get them over and
done with the happier I'll be. Well...presuming I get above
an E in anything.
And there's the new NIN album to look forward to! When it's
released...if it even exists.
So that's it really...Cornwall, exams, Bleedthrough and
Turkey to look forward to, this year at least.

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