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2004-04-06 15:57:24 (UTC)

Branding Ceremony

Master, as my assignment set by You, i have researched the
branding ceremony, also including some information on two
of the types of brands.

What are my duties?" I asked
"Exquisite beauty, and absolute obedience."


The Branding Ceremony is usually performed only when a
Free Woman is reduced to slavery for the first time, or if
the slave already wears a brand and her new owner wishes
to re-brand her.

The Master ties the new slave and carries her to the house
branding chamber, securing her in the Branding Rack. The
branding rack is a device rather like an X, or X shaped
table, with either snap-bracelets (manacles) for her
wrists and ankles at the ends of the X, or metal rings
metal rings set into the wood so her wrists and ankles
might be secured with binding fiber.

A removable vise-like clamp with spinning twist handles
to adjust the tension can be attached to the left leg
platform, to hold the slave's left thigh motionless during
the actual branding.


The Following Branding Ceremony is based on a branding
performed by Tarl Cabot in the 10th Book of the Gor
Series : Tribesmen of Gor
The Master ties the slave and carries her to the branding
chamber, securing her firmly to the branding rack, binding
her wrists and ankles with binding fiber.

The Master places the branding iron into the fire pit. He
walks around inspecting the slave, making sure her left
leg will remain motionless during the actual branding.

Standing at the Branding pit, the flames hot, the iron
resting in the coals.

He holds up the heated branding iron, white hot, for the
slave's inspection.

"You will soon be branded, girl" He tells her.

As soon as all is in readyness, he holds the smoking white
hot iron above her left thigh and says:

"You are now to be branded, slave girl"

He then brands her, holding the iron and pressing it
firmly into her skin for five full Ihn, then swiftly and
cleanly removes it. He examines the mark closely, hoping
that it was clean and deep enough to create an excellent
brand. It is common Gorean practice to allow the slave
the luxury of screaming, since it is in effect her final
act as a free person.

Sometimes assistants are standing by with small vials of
oil and salve, which they now dab onto the brand to reduce
chance of infection and promote healing.


The placement of the brand can vary, but the most common
place to mark a slave is on her upper, outer thigh,
beneath her hip. Because of this placement it is not only
easy to hide, if the Master wishes his slave to conceal
the mark, but it is also easy for a slave to display the
mark when asked to, simply by raising the skirt of her
livery. It is also commonly placed on the left leg of the
slavegirl, perhaps because the majority of Masters are
right-handed, and having it on a slave's left leg makes it
easier for him to touch and caress if he chooses. However,
it is up to the Master where a slave is branded. She can
be branded on her right leg if he chooses. It has also
been said that some girls are branded on their inner
thigh, their belly, their heel, or even their neck.

The Kef
The "Kef" is a Gorean letter, and the first of the
word "kajira". Suitably so, the Kef character is also used
to brand girls as slave, and is the most common form used
on Gor. As a brand, the letter takes a stylized form,
appearing as a cursive figure, aslo known as the *the
staff and fronds" because of its form. It is approximately
one and a halft to two inches in height by about a half
inch in width. Suitable branding irons of this type are
commonly available, each producing a slight variation of
the central theme.

"It was the common kajira mark, as i had expected, small,
delicate, and beautiful, the cursive Kef, the staff and
fronds, lyrically feminine, but unmistakeable, a brand
marking porperty, worn by most Gorean female slaves."


The Dina
The "Dina" is a small and beautiful flower foound
primarily in the northern hemisphere of Gor, known as,
the "slave flower." As a Brand, the figure takes the form
of its namesake, being the image of the same flower, and
is considered quite beautiful and delicate. While common
in the north, it is prized in the south, both for its
rarity and beauty

"My own brand was the "Dina;" the dina is a small, lovely,
multiple petaled flower, short stemmed, and blooming in
the turf of green leaves, usually on the slopes of hills
in the northern temperate zones of Gor; in its budding,
though in few other ways, it resembles a rose; it is an
exotic, alien flower; it is also spoken of, in the north,
where it grows most frequently, as the slave flower; it
was burned into my flesh; in the south, below the Gorean
equador, where the flower is much more rare, it is prized
more highly."

" I had seen the tip pf the iron. It was a small flower,
sylized; it was circular, about an inch and a half, in
diameter; it was not unlike a small rose; it was
incredibly lovely and delicate. I thought the design very
beautiful; I certainly would not have minded marking
something I owned with it."


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