"Day-z H"
2004-04-06 08:41:58 (UTC)

"Title or topic" April 6th, 2004

Haven't updated in sometime. Skipped out on
Christmas....New Years....and here it is another year and
soon to be another holiday. Easter is coming up soon and
Freedom and I are going to my parents house to have
dinner. We are still together! :). For a while we were
going back and forth...but I think I am done nagging...and
I think he is done listening to it...lol! So we are
GREAT! :D! I got outta school earlier from alternative
school. Love the break from it. I got a car for my
graduation and a carpet for our house. :)! I can't wait to
actually get the car from my parents though. Lol! I can't
get it until graduation night I think. The one I have
now...doesn't much care for me. Today it just up and died
driving over to my parents...in the middle of the road.
Lol! Me and my luck. Things seem to be going well other
then all the little problems...lol...but I suppose after
so many years you get use to them. I have this idea...tell
me if anyone thinks it is sweet. I got a list of little
things that Freedom likes or has a purpose, and I wanna
get him some things off it. Tell me...think a guy will
think that is too childish,girly, or whatever it is they
think?! Lol! I think I probably will...just wondering.

It's about 4 am in the morning here. Outta anything
important to write about at this time. Can't think.