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silent wishes
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2004-04-06 04:37:07 (UTC)

today was definately better

altho i didnt think so when i woke up this morning. i
forgot that my dad had to go to work today, and of course
my mom's still over at my grandma's. so i wake up this
morning and it kinda sucked, 'cause i'm not used to waking
up and being alone (yea i know how bad that sounds and no i
dont care anymore.) but yea, my house isnt a mansion or
anything, but it's big enough and when i woke up completely
alone, so it was kinda depressing. but i better get used to
it 'cause i've got a whole week of it left.

but tonight was good, cause i got to spend time with my
boyfriend. we didnt really do anything except ride around
and talk and walk around stores, but it rocked. i love
doin' stuff like that, 'cause people look at you and
go "awww." well, they may not have said "aw", what with my
blue/purple mascara and his long black trench coat with
studs and zippers but i dont care. i still had a really
really really good time. just wish it didnt have to end, at
all. but it does give me something to look forward to, so

i wish they'd have let me run hurdles when i ran track
back in 8th grade. those were really fun and i recently re-
discovered that i'm rather good and jumping things.

right now i'm watching Orange County Choppers and i think
i want a motorcycle. not a really big one, like a Harley or
anything (i think it's written in stone somewhere that you
have to be a biiiig biker dude with a bunch of piercing and
tatoos. i'm scared to death of needles so that takes out
that and i have no intention of gaining oh, say 200 pounds,
so i think a small one will do just fine.) i want it to be
black and have blue, silver, and purple flames on it. but
not the gay-lookin' ones everybody has on their trucks now
(they sooo stole my idea for that!! i said i wanted a jeep
with flames on it and so help me if not 2 weeks later i see
a truck goin' down the road with flames on it, but they
were all rounded and crap on the edges so it kinda sucked.)
anyway, i may look into that this summer, that would kick
ass to come back to school on and scare the heck out of a
bunch of people. ::laughs:: whooo lord that'd be funny as

forever 17