carole for Master
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2004-04-06 03:06:30 (UTC)

For Master


smiles as i sit here typing to You in my diary, knowing
that i have to post 4 times this week
Is it a good feeling
yes it is, what do i feel...
many things, the wonderful harmony of being submissive,
yet still a part of me not submissive
only when my strong Master is around am i totally
i should ask is that a bad thing, but to me it is not
my body reacts to Master in the most wonderful ways, that
is how it should be when with Master
that is how it is when with Master

Today, my flight into submission was deep, the crop, the
one that stings hard and fast and controls to no
boundaries - just simply controls, the belt, the one that,
lingers over, and Master, the spankings..wild and fast and
many...my mind begging for fingers to slide over swollen
petals..as the spankings continued....

am i submissive...

yes, to Master

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