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2004-04-06 01:50:12 (UTC)


wow...this past weekend has been an experience. I come
home from work on friday and our KNH stickers have been
ripped down. Then we hear shit load of rumors that we've
been threatening to kill people, that were telling girls
not to pledge, that were against all frats/soroitites, and
were mocking MEX for hazing and being shut down. Which are
all lies and totally wrong. Sunday I made more stickers
and put them back up. Today we find out there beign ripped
back down again. Now they've crossed the line. Our RA is a
Delta so serena and i went and spoke with her and she
understood. Kali came back and come to find out the prez
of Delta knows Kali so kali, serena and i went up to her
room and stated our case. She understood totally. But the
girl in her room was def. having an attitude problem with
us. whatever..hopefully this whole thing is resolved. its
all bullshit.

It's kinda cool..now when we walk around campus everyone
looks at us and wispers "those r the KNH girls" haha...it
kidna rocks!! i'm liking this...haha!

Jim and don couldn't get into the frat they wanted cuz the
prez is too fuckin lazy to get off his ass and teach them
the shit he needs to teach them. thats bullshit.

Family meeting went well, i guess my aunt got emotional
but who wouldn't...tough subject to talk about my grampies
camp. but i think things will work out for the best.

I duno why...but i was accused of acting childish and
immature for asking for a certain favor from someone. I
won't mention her name cuz she might just flip out once
again. but honestly, if anyone is having problems with
something in there life, don't take it out on someone else
it has nothing to do with, thats just bull shit, and it's
not fair to the other person. Try and contain urself.

Last week of training, thank god, i hope they don't ask me
to stay annother week. I'd rather just work for a few days
a week and not everyday. It's getting tiring, specially
when i don't have a desk to sit at and i just chill in the
corner haha. I have this massive 20 page paper i have to
work on thats due in 2 weeks and i haven't even been able
to start any research on it. good god...stress! But at
least i have a full time job this summer..now where to

things r getting old..really quick...

Angie started a journal, good for her. they rock!! She
commented about missing people from bethel. I have to
admit i do miss a select few, angie being one of them. We
had a pretty fun time together. I guess we just grew apart
and I learned some things the hard way. Took me awhile but
i got the picture.

" i have a lot of shit going on..." hmm...

i guess i'm out

luv ya

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