How would you ever guess.
2004-04-06 01:03:33 (UTC)

"smack my butt"

Today, uneventful as ever!! I got up just in time for my
sister to say to me that she was leaving for work...woo
hoo another day stuck at home. It was okay though. I ate
some breakfast...then checked my e mail..and justt chilled
for a while. After the weekend it was nice to be able to
have a little bit of time by myslef. So I watched tv then
My cell phone rang.... HOLY SHIT!!! I havent heard that
noise in like 2 weeks. So I ran to get the phone and it
was Carol... yay. I talked to her for about a half hour.
We talked about everything.... Heath, Josh, party,
Arkansas, nephews....ya know my grand ole life that i have

Then I took a bath... got dressed and sat down to watch
some tv. My sister and Evan came home and it was still
kinda quiet for a while...then Ethan came home then Chris
came home.....of course in the mean time I was forced to
play kick ball with the two boys.....yes I mena forced.

Then we ate dinner...taco's....mmmmm I only had one. it
was good though.

Good ole Erika asked me if I wanted to go to target with
her...She has been looking for tables for the resturaunt
for like a week now and hasnt been able to find any
then... we saw some at target last night, but they didnt
have any in stock so we had to go to the other Target.

After Target we were just chillin drvin along and she
decided that she wanted to go to this store called
Savers..... Now I had been in there once before with her
and Chris not too long ago...but we didnt stay long enough
for me to be able to see exactly what they had....

Now can we say WHITE TRASH!!! Holy shit this place was
nasty... Its all shit that people dont want anymore.
Silverwear, vases, plates, clothes, furniture,
underwear.... Its like a damn yard sale in a store.
And the bad thing....Erika shops there. She went in
looking for vases for the tables she just bought, but then
started to wander. We got over into the mens clothes was fucking gross. Now the whole time I have
my hands in my pockets, and im not really saying Erika is all "Manda feeeeel that...oooh"
yeah um im okay but thanks. Then we got over into the
underwear thats just wrong. who buys second
hand underwear???

And you cant help but to look at the people that were in
there. I mean I think I had the most expensive outfit on
and i was wearing weathervane warm ups...a j crew shirt,
victorias underwear and bra, and a EMS fleece..... haha I
felt like a million bucks.... lol oh and dont forget the
adidas sandles i was sportin..

I mean they had prom dresses, wedding dresses, furniture
that I wouldnt let my crusty grandma sit it was
B A D!!

Then I come home to my nephew on the toilet takin a shit,
and talking to you... " Hey aunty... you have birds in
your front yard?". Then after like 20 mins of sitting
there he gets up and starts screaming smack my butt...
yeah okay. then walks over to me...sticks his ass in my
face and say "Aunty, smack my butt". Okay now I dont know
what you do when im not here...but you are scaring me. lol

But time to go be a family.
Ill be back for more Arkansas adventures.

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