X is my secret.
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2004-04-06 00:50:29 (UTC)

Shoot me now!!!!

O.K. here we are.
This is the crap that's got me.
O.K. so first the selfish stuff.
I really want to go to Iowa, but can't. I really want a
Chevy SSR. I have no way to get it though, where as other
kids could at least take out a loan or some shit, I can't
afford even that.
I have a huge credit card bill, that's all because of my
huge cell bills. And of course who didn't have to pay his
cell bill for the last 2 months?! Dad. OH, and who didn't
have to pay for the luggage he said he would?! Dad. Oh,
yeah that's right, and that results in what?! Me with a
huge bill and tons of interest piling up. HUZZAH I get to
be in credit card debt before I'm 19. HUZZAH!!! It's a
bunch of shit!!! So that makes me unable to fuckin' go to
Iowa too. Let's just be a lazy ass and not flippin' get the
FAFSA done, that way there's an excuse to keep me from
goin' to my choice college. HUZZAH!!!
And now all scholarship deadlines have passed. I am going
to have to work MY ass off as a result of DAD'S shit. Let's
make sure that Mistin works really hard to make up for my
shitty money management skills!! FUCK!!!
When I want help, I don't get shit from him. THat's it, I
need to call Carol. I'm accepting admissions to Iowa. NOW.
I'll BRB! . . . . . . .

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