Nick's Journal
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2004-04-05 21:43:15 (UTC)

I'm sorry but you can schedule that proactive leadership meeting on the crest of my anus

i really dont' like scheduling meetings. every meeting
i've scheduled as of late has come around to colon fuck
me. for example, i actually found a job i'm really
interested in, yet the brain-dead receptionist didn't
figure otu that the firm was closed on good friday. so
she called to day in a humble and apologetic tone to let
me know that i would have to reschedule. i love having
people in "power" in obsequious positions. anyhow i gave
way and told her that i would "gladly" reschedule to her
earliest convienence. you like that don't you? that's
called business speak. check this out : i am a proactive
leader of paradigmatic performance based goals. did that
make you wet?
it's all about talking like an asshole. i noticed this as
juliann was going over my latest financial project. she
kept on telling me that i was talking like a british fag
on crack and probed every piece of jargon i had used.
then i realized that business people WANT these pieces of
shit jargon words to feel smart. seriously, if you "dumb
shit down" for them they are offended. you have to talk
all sophisticated like to get a job. no wonder so many
black people are unemployed.
anyhow, my strategic management group (god i'm forced to
take it don't hate me for i know not what i do) was going
to do a strategic audit on barnes and nobles when i found
that another group had taken it. now shit's gonna go down
if our teacher tells us we can't use that company
anymore. specifically certain accusations will be made
about certain "visiting professor's" green card
verifications and hopefully barnes and nobles will be
within our grasp.
last but not least i scheduled a meeting with the
registrar office for an "official transcript". the lady
made a big production about it all and told me that i
could get a 5 minute slot. i raced into the building
today 10 mins. late to my class and the beanpole female
told me that all i had to do was order it online.
butta jangles.