The Sexy Blonde
2004-04-05 21:34:24 (UTC)

Sexual Frustation...

Okay, I am an average high school student, loads of
homeworks and projects...I just filled out my schedule for
next year, my dad quit his job and is living in his car,
now he says he wants to move to Texas, I almost got into a
fight at school, and I was choosen to read the leade female
role in english. I am pooped out. Then comes this weekend.
Its my boyfriends, 4-yr old nephews party. They are going
to have ponies, and ballons and all that. Eck, about 100
people will show up, maybe 30 kids. All the kids in
Jahaziels class are going to be invited too.


this morning Jose and I ..

wait wait wait...

Saturday night Jose came and picked me up, after we ate an
slept in bed for a wild we had some really great sex..and I
mean..its was better than usual...then Sunday during the
day I was working on my homework and he told me to come
over to him and i was giving in a hug, and he was just
sitting there on the couch, so I just pulled his dick out
and slid my shorts over and rode him for a couple minutes,
then later on sunday night we had sex, then this morning
before school..it was kind of exhausting..but i love him..

Sunday morning Jose and I went to get my hair cut, he got a
fade, and the lad was only suppose to trim about 1 INCH off
my hair (my hair is down to my ass), well she cut off about
3 1/3 inches, its almost to my shoulders. When he got to
the house, I cried.... I mean...
I am soooo use to having long hair, its weird.....but my
head does feel unusually light..lol

Awww....I finally turned in that poetry unit crap..didn't
even finish it...I just turned in 18 poems. That was it.

Jose and I are doing great, as you can tell from all the
sex, but his mom and brother still aren't talking to me
because I have the lap-top
(the one I am on this very second)), here at my house..

Fuck Joses brother, I am not gonna take shit from him
anymore..he is a nobody! a nothing!

anyway.. thanks for letting me know you all read my
journal..i got like 3 notes...instead of putting your
email..just put the name of your diary, like this
[email protected]

2sexy4u is the name of my diary..or at least I think it
is...anyway, do that instead so i know who i am getting
notes from..aight..im outta here...