X is my secret.
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2004-04-05 20:59:18 (UTC)

4-5-04 Oh, man!!

For goodness sakes. Going back to school really bit ass. I
mean it was good to see everyone, but the infamous story
that's asked of me every minute is the "vomitting story".
That's all people could talk about. Well, not exactly, but
in Physics, Jane said I had to tell everyone, or she would.
Then in Heroes, which is my Hackney class, Hesley had
already heard of my vomitting, and joked around with me
about it, and so I ended up telling the class about it. Of
course, they did ask me about the water. I thought "Wow,
what an intelligent, seldom asked question. I will answer
it in a humane and respectful manner." "No," I said
nicely,"we had to drink bat, bottled water." So Hackney
ripped into me on that one. "Bath water! You had to drink
bath water down there. MMMMMM tastes a little like (insert
cleaning product-i didn't hear what he said.)." Well later
in the class we were talking about Ajax, a Greek
mythological character and he's like what other things are
named Ajax? He said,"yes a cleaner, and what do you use it
to clean?" He's weird like this. Well, after a list of
junk, I go (with an eye roll) "Baths, bathtubs." He's like,
oh you tasted that too huh? Then he said he'd give EC to
the person to bring in an Ajax container. Brandon wrote it
on his hand, and Hackney told him to wash it off with Ajax
when he got it. Then looks at me and goes "Although, I
don't know if your skin should come in contact with it." I
go "Ah, it's fine" "Well you would be the one to know, you
injested it" I rolled my eyes and looked away, and he
muttered "You're sick!"
Enough of that. At the end of the day I ended up walking
home, voluntarily if you can believe it. I know, I think
there is something wrong with me. I'm really stressed right
now, and a walk sounded like fun, and Christina went half
way with me. So it turned out well. I'll rant about what's
stressin me out later. I feel better doin it on here,
because I feel bad hindering people in my life with my
bitching and whining. I don't want to burden them with my
problems, they have their own.
Well, I have to go. I need to search the web for prom junk,
and call IA state's financial counselor, or my counselor,
whichever, to whom it may concern.
See ya!

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