2004-04-05 16:28:25 (UTC)

why do i expect to be lied to??

april 3: leaves before 8pm and tells me 'i'm going to the
store.' comes home a little after 5am, april 4.
april 4: leaves before 7pm and tells me 'i'll be right
back.' comes home a little after noon, april 5.
april 5: leaves at 5:30am to drive a friend to another
apartment in the complex w/ his band equipment, will tell
you what time he returns when he actually does. cont:
after 1pm
april 6: leaves before 7pm, returned a little after
11am. i gave him the money for rent before he left, told
him he had to drop it in the managers mail slot before
8am. he didnt make it down there until almost noon.
hasnt returned yet, it's 1:30pm. no job, hasnt been to
school in months, doesnt pay bills, and refuses to leave.
april 7: left to pick up a neighbor's mother in the car a
little after 10pm, it's about 12:30pm now. he returned at
almost 1am ~~~(cont. from earlier.)
april 16
it's been quite a few days... things havent gotten better
at all. two nights ago, he left sometime after 11pm, came
home at exactly 4:04am. left for court later that
morning, came back, left again a little after noon, and
returned home drunk at almost 4am. didnt call once,
and refuses to tell me where he was. in our argument, i
screamed that 'i want to die.' he replied with something
along the lines of 'do it right this time.'
april 17
a neighbor came to my door, and told me that he and his
wife had given jason some money last night for some meth
and wanted either his money or his drugs. he then asked
me not to tell jason he'd said anything. jason has been
gone since a little after 7pm. it's now 10:30pm. he
hasnt gone to school in months, hasnt worked in even

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