How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-05 15:49:59 (UTC)

Wicked cute

My god... I always have so much to write about then when
the time comes and i get to sit down at the computer....I
cant remember anything. Yesterday We all went to the park
for a while, becuase the children were fucking going off
the wall.... But We went down to the river on the bike
path and they rode their bikes while Chris Erika and I all
walked. We also ate lunch was cute.

Then when we got back, Erika and i have been trying to go
to target now for a week but we always have the
perfect opportunity.... her and i left for some much
needed peace and quiet. Not that we got that at target, I
swear it was everyone bring your annoying kid
But Erika spent a shit load of money, I on the other hand,
didnt. I bought a hair straightener. Its freakin nice.

Then we went to the shoe store, and i bought some shoes to
wear with a few skirts that I have... Then i saw these
WICKED (Boston word) cute sandles and Im going to have to
find them when I get home...or maybe go back before I
leave...I NEED THEM!!

Then we got home and it was torture again. I just cant be
around the children. They fight all the fucking time. I
mean like push shove bite punch....I guess i just havent
been around it in like 4 years that I dont see the point
in it.

I got an e mail from my mommy today. She told me that shes
going out to lunch with Manny, and hes bringing
Christiana. I guess shes not doing to well.... Shes
haveing her melt down. almost a year later and shes having
it. So I got volunteered to take her out when I get home.
No Problemo...I can do that. Shes a good kid. I just feel
bad for her. I dont think that i could ever deal without
my mother. As a girl theres so much that you learn from
your mom. I mean what about when she gets her period, or
needs to wear bra's, or anything like that. If I didnt
have my mom I seriously dont know what I would do. Makes
you think twice abotu talking shit about her.

Any who...nothin new here. im ready to come home.

Waiting for my period to come.... pray!!
Heath and I are gonna get some Ice cream when I come
home.... yay!! he so cute.

any who Im out children!

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