Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-04-05 11:06:14 (UTC)

bored already!

I'm fed up with year 9's already Nathan and Matt's
imaturity is doing my head in. Already I'm wishing I could
be with Jamie ('oz' or 'ted')He may be psyco but his
easyer to talk to!
Jamie's ex Krissy's new boyfriend is a MILLIONAIRE his
dad is organising the RHCP tour this year and shes touring
with them for 2 months (on there friggin bus!!!) And get
this....she gets to organise their wardrobe! I told her
she must be the evil twin because bad things happen to
good people. she laughed and simply said "I can live with
that" (me and Krissy say we're twins cos we have so much
in common and we look alike as well lol). She's sending me
an autograph! which will be fucking framed and on my
I sk8 borded home from hollie's (jade)whilst holding hugo
(my guitar)It's quite hard to do seeing as I'm not the
best skater in the world....better than Avril though!
I may have to name my plectrum how about donald...... or

Music: Nirvana lithium
mood: trying not to laugh I made my step sister cry its ok
shes a little bitch she deserves it
coments: i hate krissy