Thoughts of His girl
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2004-04-05 05:42:41 (UTC)

Lazy Saturday

Today was a lazy day. My roommate was gone all day. Yippy!
Her son came in from Washington yesterday and lst ngiht we
had 6 kids and 3 adults at the house. She cant even give
up her men the week while he is here. ( shakes my head )
My freidn Gary and I spent some time today talking and
hanging out. I watched my nephew Friday night and my
brother went out with his new gf. Hes a flake . (laughs)

Today me and the kids just hung out. We went tohe park
and had a bbq for dinner. Its realy nice having the hosue
to ourselves. (laughs) I cant wait to get my own place. I
lasked leah to write a note to Luke today and putit wher
ehe would find it. (laughs) yes Im so silly. I hope it
makes him smile. I love him so much . I was glad to hear
that he went clubbing last night he needs to relax .

okay I am tired. I am to see Master in my dreams. (laughs

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