confessions of a never ceasing mind
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2004-04-05 04:35:41 (UTC)

scars revealed

the girl reaches out her hand, goes back to her dark past
to try and help to try and comfort, to try and heal the no avail

her past is a part of her, and she breathes it every day
that she awakens. She screams into the cold and empty
darkness, curls into a ball as her emotions pour out onto
the covers, her pain and bitter frustrations pouring out
her heart, spilling over her eyes, down her cheeks, over
her lips, her mouth opens as she whispers a prayer into the
darkness, the salty liquid going to her tongue. "take me
away she says, take me away from this world, this life,
stop the pain" She is alone and feels the coldness
surround her, her god once more silent. She curls closer,
her cool skin of her knees to her chest. She shivers and
pulls the covers over her, over her head, to envelop her in
it's close warmth. She leaves a space to breath, and her
heart pours out, she feels the empty darkness surround her,
press her from all sides, making her ache with the need to
have someone there that could understand, someone that
could hold her and suffuse her broken heart with warmth,
the warmth of love she has never known. She had broken the
cycle all right...but to what avail? She is in a cold dark
room by herself, crying as the thoughts of her family
race. She knows she has to sever ties, and it kills
her....slowly every day waking to that fact. She feels as
if she has deserted them, as if she was an outcast among
blood. She is the one that broke her family asunder,
tearing apart the family bond to save herself. She feels
selfish, but is it selfish to get out to save your life?