my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-04-05 02:19:37 (UTC)

oasis entry.

hey so i went to oasis(a um i gues it was a convention for
high schoolers at rbc. roanoake bible colelge, but[oddly]
thats in elizabeth city, not roanoake.) so im gointo write
a gag me entry about it.

The actual conventoin part, (i.e. the worship, speaker, d-
groups) was great- the speaker was good, the worship was
good and the d group was godo bcuz mandy was in my group
and we're almsot never teamed 2gether! so that rocked.

Now some of the people were the problem :( It was a
spiritual trip, right well. i hung out with some people
form camp that i hadn't seen in a while, one being brad.
have i written about him before?? i dont know. none the
less, brad is a huge flirt. ive known him practically
forever we just started hanging out like 3 years ago but
lemme get to the point. ok. so brad had this lil chick
stalking him, and he was aggravated by it and he was
like 'i should pretend we're goin out and scare her away"
so we were always 2gether and jokin around n crap n it was
hilarious bcuz she was so weird. i feel real bad now tho.
but she was obsessed with brad! ne way it was fun brad is
fun to flirt with, but i always end up having too much fun
with it. not too much fun but i get to like it, i mean
dang. brad isn't unnappealing. i mean he's cute hes a
christian he has a great attitude (normally) and he likes
my style music so of course i'd be attracted. but every
time ive liked brad at all, he's flirt away but then
randomly find some hot chick and ignore me. and oh it
happened again this weekend. i wouldn't say i like(d) him i
am just attracted to him. i think i always will be in some
way. but brad ticks the freakin heck outta me! he's like..
a pimp! i kept calling him a pimp(where-as he called me
woman.) *sigh* amy and i have sworn off of guys.

HOLY CRAP man theres this hottttttttt guy at rbc!! io mean
normally im not all about the looks but dang. he's one fly
brotha. if ya hadn't noticed im trying to change the subject
(and mind set) off of brad. sometimes i wonder if i'll ever
find someone good. i mean casey was great i love casey still
(not like i wanna marry u but in a great friend way) and im
so glad casey and i met and got to be friends and went out.
we still talk too. yea. ne way. yea. so.. im gonna go...
im out like a.. dang thats mean nm.

p.s. *tear* amy i still have his name tag *tear* (LOL what
a laugh. its not that big of a deal its just like, what, am
i chopped liver? just drop me and walk all over me jerk.)
(mind u by the end of the weekend i was content and cared
more about my spiritual self then brad. so. God made me
happy enough. untill the next time im depressed.)

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