a little piece of me
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2004-04-04 22:45:36 (UTC)

i can't believe she said that

matthew and laura have been having issues again. the
other day, matthew wanted to take a nap before gaming
with his usual buddies. laura threw a fit and told him
he wasn't allowed to go, he had to stay home and take
care of william. she said she had worked hard taking
care of him all day (a lie...i was down and i had him
most of the day. when i didn't, my mom did). she said
they needed to split the responsibilities down the
middle. my mom told her she was the one that needed
to be there for him, to nuture him. she asked why, and
my mom said 'because you're his mother'. laura's reply
was 'i don't want to be his mother. i don't want him'.
what a bitch. william is the best baby i've ever seen.
period. he rarely cries, he's not clingy or finicky. i don't
know what's wrong with her. she was sent away to stay
with her parents for a few days. i hope she stays away.

other than that, things are fine and dandy. we leave for
nc in just a smidge over a week. i'm really looking
forward to getting away from all the drama here for a bit.
there'll be more down there, though. that's how things

well, i guess that's enough. my head hurts.


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