Red Mini Punch

I'm a Lone Ranger
2004-04-04 22:21:09 (UTC)

Yay, I got a message!

Hey I got the funniest message ever:
Dont leave us guys with one less woman to enjoy.
We need all we can have.

Thanks Ryan it made me laugh. I'm no lesbo, i jst wanna
pull a girl thats all. or even jst a kiss. Dus that make
me one? SHit. Neway, u know the bit where i say, my
latest worry, Am I bi? blah blah. Well i copied and pasted
it into makr's convo. Because wen I was pissed last nite,
i was talkin 2 him on teh net from a chums house. And he
sed go on kiss yer mate, then I said to him "Have u read
my diary or summit?" I am so fucking dense. Yeh so I had
to explain to him, cause he thot I was a lesbo (WHICH I AM
NOT). So what else happened last ntie,w ell I started
drinking at half 7 and puked at 10 to 8 in my friends
sink! And, it got blocked! I managed to unblock it this
morning with a long twig and boiling water! I HAD NO
HANGOVER! Muwahahaha! Yeh,b ut I spoke sum shite to Mark,
I constantly told him he was sexy and hot. I told him to
dump his gf for me, and said she ruined her hair when she
dyed it and I said I didn't like his brother. What a
fuckwit I am! Yeh anyway. *cough* Oh sum1 put a fag into
my boob by accident. But my top is fine, in fact I can't
find the mark. Slight worrying! Anyway, the nerve of it,
earlier on today, I was speaking to Mikaela on the
internet. And she had the nerve to ask for Mark's
address. She dusn't even know him,a nd no way am I giving
her it, after what happened with chloe. There is a lot
more I could tell u, btu I really can't be bothered. Have
to go to bed soon cos Miki si pickin me up 2moz at 9 to go
shoppin in Dundee and I only had 3 hrs sleep the nite b4.
Neway, cya! xxx