Too Much to Say
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2004-04-04 21:18:57 (UTC)


i can't even explain the feeling that's come over
me! "it's a little bit funny, this feeling inside..."
it's seriously the most bizarre thing ever! i'm so
excited, nervous, wigged out,'s CRAZY! i
found out that aaron is trying out for the summer community
theatre that i'm going to be doing. i always wanted to be
in a musical with him! this takes me back 6 years! wow.
i haven't gotten this giddy and excited since high school
when aaron would write me a sweet email or something.
(celina, you're the only one that knows.) it's totally
trippin me out. and it's not even really a "love"
feeling. it's just...i don't know. what i used to feel.
that strange overwhelming excitment. and i keep cracking
up at myself because i had forgotten this reaction in me.
i didn't know i still had it. and it's not like this is
going to take me back to the last time i saw or talked to
aaron. this is taking me back to when aaron was still in
high school. before the war, before the marines. back to
performing. i can't believe how foreign that sounds. i
can't even write anymore. i don't know how to put it in
words. and there's entirely too much to put down.