Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-04-04 18:19:37 (UTC)

back from camp

hey ppl. im back from camping. i worked my butt off most
of the time but OH WELL. shiza happens. well ima supposed
to be cleaning b/c Pam, John and Kayley (friends from NY)
are coming over tonight to see the house and tomorrow my
Aunt Babe (Barbara) and Uncle Jack come in from NY as
well. the funeral for g-pa is wednesday...

And i have to put this on its own...b.c it is very sad.
one of my girl scout sisters, Larisa and her mom my troop
leader Ms. Lynda, as well as Ms. Jean (other leader) lost
someone very dear to their hearts to cancer saturday
morning. Ms. Lyndas mom died. shes been suffering for a
while now and she is now in heaven with god and his son
jesus watching over all.