How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-04 17:49:30 (UTC)

Note to self

Havent had much time to write lately... yet good news.
Havent gotten sick since friday.

Friday was just a hellish day here in good ole Arkansas. I
was puking all day and the children were being little
shits the second they walked in the door from school...
then I was stuck with them all night long.

Do not go to arkansas again till:
1. Even has respect for people.
2. Erika isnt so into her house.
3. Ethan stops being so damn annoying
4. When you dont have so much other shit on your mind (too
much time to think)
5. you can bring a friend.

and the list goes on, but seriously. why did I come down
here. I have never been so bored and watched so much damn
TV in my entire life. theres nothing for me to do.
I mean I told my sister yesterday that I was leaving on
the 14th. She freaked out on me and said that there was so
much stuff she wanted to do with me. Yet I havent seen
anything out side of this house in like 4 days. im fucking
sick of it.

well thats enough bitching for me for now.
Stacey called me yesterday...YAY. She called to check up
on me and make sure I was feeling better... shes so damn
cute. It made my day that she called. She also told me
that she would pick me up from the airport....NICE!! I
wasnt too sure who was going to pick me up...but now I

I called Kim on Friday....still havent heard back from
her. I dont think she likes me anymore. Ya know one of
those things...Out of sight out of mind. Oh well what are
ya gonna do.

So I think when I get back...I might go to work...right
away...or should I wait and just go back Monday... Hmm
decisions decisions...

So Heath and I are going on a real date when i get back. I
told him I wanted to go to the beach when i got back... so
we are gonna go on a nice day...woo hoo I love the beach.

Alright everyone is up my ass agian so Im out....
later kids.