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2004-04-04 17:08:34 (UTC)

what a way to start spring break...

today has just been one of those days that make you
go "well damn." that's the only way to sum it up.

i woke up this morning to my dad knocking on my door
asking if i was up, i fell off my bed and told him to hold
on and i'd put some clothes on and go with him. the 1st
thing out of my mouth this morning was "oh hell no, that
bitch didnt." anyone care to guess what's the 1st thing i
see when i walk out my door this morning? i open my back
door and there sits my brother's ex wife her sister, along
with 2 of bartow county's "finest" law enforcement
officers. turns out, she drove up here to her sister's
house and deicded that she wanted to see her son. now tell
me, why the hell is somebody gonna bring 1/2 the county's
damn police force with them if they just want to see
somebody? she said it was because she thought tony (my
brother) might be here. he doesnt even live here and for
that matter, hasnt ever. my dad is standing there talking
to her and she tells him that "well taylor needs to be with
one of his parents." this coming from the woman that put
him in a mental hospital, made him miss so much school that
he failed a grade he shouldnt have been in in the 1st
place, and got him hooked on 5 different drugs. there aint
no 7 year old boy that needs to be on anti-depressants,
sleeping pills, ADHD pills, pills to make him sit down and
shut up and pills to make him hyper.

well, my mom and taylor have been staying at my grandma's
every night because she gets scared. that's where they were
when Melanie (the bitch, my brother's ex wife) shows up. my
dad talks to her, she tells him that she brought the police
with her because she thought tony might be here. then her
sister pipes up with her 2
cents saying the my brother told Melanie that if she ever
came out here he'd kill her and that he does drugs in front
of taylor. that is one hell of a lie. melanie married a man
who is denied custody of his own 14 year old daughter and
who beat taylor with a metal belt so that he had to be
taken to the emergency room because he had cuts and whelts
all over him.

my dad tells them that taylor and my mom are over at my
grandma's house so they all go over there. we (my dad and
i) finally leave and as we're pulling into the driveway at
my grandma's house, we meet melanie, her fat-ass, good for
nothing, got more of a damn beard than
my dad does, sister, leaving. and i'll be damned if taylor
wasnt in the car with them. if i've called her a bitch once
today i've done it over 30 times.

we get there, my mom is yellin' fit to raise the devil
and all the neighbors are goin' back into thier houses.
come to find out, melanie had decided that she was gonna up
and take taylor back to her sister's house in canton. my
mom was slightly less than civil to her and called her
every cuss word in the book and some i've never heard
before. my grandma hasnt got a clue what's goin' on and
nobody can reach my brother. my mom and taylor had been
outside when they came to get him playing with his BB gun,
and my mom still had it in her hand and was slinging it
around and cussing. when i got out the truck i
screamed "damn mother f**ker" loud enough to make the
people across the road come back out to look again. so then
my mom's ex husband (taylor's granddaddy and my brother's
dad) shows up and they talk and he decides to call DFACS in
texas come monday morning. my mom goes off around the house
and sits down and cries and guess who goes to comfort her.
not my dad, but my mom's ex husband. if that aint the
weirdest thing i've ever saw i dont know what is. if i
hadnt been so mad and still cussing Melanie and her sister
and everything and everybody this side of the mississippi
river, i think it might have made me mad.

so as it stands now, i was the one that ended up telling
my brother what happened cause i kept calling til he
answered, he called my mom, said he'd just got off from
work was coming to grandma's. this was 5 hours ago and
they've yet to see him or hear from him.

i found out today that if you so much as yell around a
child, it's considered "family violence" and you can be
arrested for it. heh, well, my mom did some pretty good
yellin' this morning so i'm just waiting for that bitch to
try and have her locked up. i dont have a clue where my
brother is, but i've got an idea that he's trying to find
melanie's sister's house and go down there. so if come
monday my mom and my brother both arent in jail it'll be
one hell of a miracle.

there's this lady that goes to the church that i went to.
she's always one of the 1st to tell me hello and tell me
how pretty i look and how much prettier i get every time
she sees me and always has a hug for me. yea i'm laying on
the couch last night, calling grandma to tell her that
momma and taylor are on their way over there. come to find
out she died either last night or the night before. she had
some sort of heart failure. i think my family is the
epitomy of a dysfunctional family.

but on a happier note, yesterday was 2 months since me
and my boyfriend started going out. he had to work, but he
decided he wanted to take me home before he went, so i did
get to spend some time with him, plus the time i got to see
him between classes because 1/2 the school wasnt there
because it was Senior Skip Day and the day before spring
break. so that was nice, it was cool that i got to spend
time with him without being interrupted 50 thousand times.
so yea, yesterday was a pretty good day, aside from the
lady dying and all.

my boyfriend got tickets to a slipknot concert tonight
and he and his friend from in the day are going. i just
hope they dont get killed. i've had enough of people being
taken away from me for one day. tommorow should be better
tho, i hope so, because monday is the 1st real day of
spring break. and it had better not suck.

i want taco bell now...wonder if i could convince
somebody to take me, or let me take myself and they come
with me. i seriously doubt it, but hey, i can always try. i
havent ate much today excpet for 1/2 a piece of cold left-
over pizza, a few chicken nuggets and some chocolate
chips...yea...i really want a taco now.

forever 17