pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2004-04-04 10:26:14 (UTC)

that new someone

i'm afraid of what i'm getting into.
he doesn't even know me
and i don't want to hurt him
stay away stay away the warnings call
it will only happen again...

no matter what i do
all i do is draw them in
and draw them in
they know not what brings them here
and they never figure it out

they feed and they feed
the hunger i have inside of me
but i have yet to find the one
that brings me satisfaction

could this one be it?
how can i tell?
i don't want it to be another mistake
i'm afriad of letting him in
or does he even want to?

i want to find him
i want to find the one i can call my own
the one who will be there
the one who can protect...
but how can i do that if i am so afraid...