The twisted thoughts of me
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2004-04-03 22:15:58 (UTC)

this is the best weekend ever!!!

well bobby and i broke i dont feel like writting
bout i though....even though i am so so so not mad and so
so so over him. Im not even mad if he is a jckass which i
hate to say it but he has been . so neways on friday we had
an all day fieldtrip..way cool..even bettr i did pretty
good on my report card...then my mom let me spend the night
at was way fun!!!!I love her so
a sis you idoit...neways then today when i got back from
mandis i felt this wierd urge to clean my room i
cleaned my room and rearanged my room. Then i started to
clean my closet. well so then i to a brake and got online
and mandi tells me i have to go to the movie wit her. i
didnt think i would be able to ..and i can!!!my parents
arent as bad as i thought are this weekend so far
has rocked my socks!!!heheheheh may i add i am wearing knee
high stripped blue socks..hehehehe i am so predictable!!!!i
dont know whats wrong wit not mad sad or
depressed...that never happens..ever!!!! so i am in a good
mood..and i m hyper...scary...well i g2g clean and get
ready for the movies!!!!!byebye ttyl i love you TOM!!!!!