My same boring ol' stuff...
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2004-04-03 19:13:19 (UTC)

Why are things like this?

Well... another day of my life... gay as usual! So
yesterday me and my mom got in the BIGGEST fight we have
ever been in... it was horrible. I felt like I just totally
gave up but then I took a nap and stayed in my room for
like friggen 4 hours and then finally she appologized. I
guess she thinks shes going through a lot right now so
whatever! I got to hang out with shawny last night so it
was all worth it. Even though it was just for like an hour,
it was WAY worth it. We are best friends i suppose... but
its cool! Well back to my night last ngiht... (Jessica,
gosh darnit, keep your train of thought!!!) anywho... So
yesterday after i got off my little grounding thing.. me
and my mom went to dinner with my sister and stuff then we
dropped my sister off at joeys house. Then I went to
jacquis house and me and her decided to go to shawnys game
which ended right when we got their... lol. We are
genious!! Hmm... so then after that me and jacqui and
shawny and jess all went to Starbucks and taco bell and me
and shawn had a very good talk! And then he went home at
like nine or something. So then Jeff D called me and wanted
to hang out or something but i was in a bad mood so i said
idunno! Then danny called me but i was tired so then i went
to sleep! Jacqui stayed the ngiht. Me and jacqui have like
spend every day this vacation tgether... its crazy! Well I
work today so im not looking too forward to that, but hey,
at least i get to eat some ice cream... thats always a
plus. So yeah my sister called me lastnight from david
strongs house... and you know what! I friggen hate Jon! I
am so over friggen players! God... as a matter of fact i am
so over boys! I am just gonna keep all my guy friends but I
dont think I am gonna have a boyfriend for a long while!
Well... im blabbin now and i g2g to work so I will tyalk to
ya all later!!! x0x0x Muahz!!!

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