Red Mini Punch

I'm a Lone Ranger
2004-04-03 14:37:17 (UTC)

When You Are With Me

A lyric from the great Creed song, My Sacrifice. It's
really good. I have decided, I'm not bi. Sumtimes I just
get into these funny phases for like a day. Anyway, I
shud really pack my bag, cos Im going to Gillian's in half
an hr. Parents were away this morn, and yes, I went to
raid the Cupboard. Couldn't resist, wen I do it tho, I jst
think,t hey owe me this, its their fault. They put me
through all that crap, this is the least I could do.
Can't babble on as much as I usually do, cause I have to
go soon. I love creed, the weathered album, really good.
I would do the total original thing of putting the lyrics
on here (*sarcasm-radar flashing red*), but I won't.
Anyway, must dash. I have to text Mark when I'm drunk
lol, should be funny! He was asking abotu seatign
arrangements on teh way to Wales, I would want to sit next
to him, but then I'd feel bad for Mo and Tasia (they
aren't really friends, yet). So, we decided we will just
swap about. Sounds cool, actually can't wait,t eh journey
is always great. Anyway, must dash and spread my wings,
Butterfly x
Ps, someone has the same author name as me, and theys tart
their first entry nearly the same as mine. U know how I
say, and now i make a diary for everyone to see. Well so
did that person. It's quite funny actually, but anyway!


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